LetGo VS OfferUp

I have been buying and selling stuff since I was a teenager. I first got started when I was walking through the woods by my house and discovered a pile of old bottles like Clorox and Sunkist. I went to the local library in my hometown of Rochester, Indiana ( this was before the internet) and found a price guide on bottles and saw that they were worth money. I held onto them until I got a car when I was 17 and scoped out an antiques store in Argos, a neighboring town.

Doug Howard was a hard working man that ran a large antique shop. He told me that I had the nack; the eye for knowing what is worth money. His biggest advice was to stay away from clear glass unless it had a marking because it’s hard to tell what is what.

I’m still buying and selling antiques, collectibles, stamps, cards and really anything I can make a buck from. I have used eBay and it is good for some things but I don’t care for eBay anymore. One thing I noticed since the birth of the internet is this. I used to find Old Spice shaving mugs for usually under a dollar. Doug would give me $20 to $25 for them and would sell them for double that in a quickness. Now, unfortunately, they don’t go for as much. A few years ago there were so many that they were selling for a couple of dollars. They have gone up now but it isn’t like the old days.

Now, and to the point, I use two sites/apps to sell stuff: OfferUp and LetGo.

OfferUp is by far the most user friendly app. The bad part is that I don’t get nearly the responses as LetGo. I have sold several items on both. OfferUp is superior by these things; you can ship items to anywhere in the US so you have much more visibility if you decide to allow your item to be shipped. The website is fast and is easy to find items plus it displays the price right on the item so I will know that I want to click on that it or not. The app is very user friendly as well. You can post your items with a quickness.

LetGo? The app is poorly designed. You start by posting only one photo and price and a title. Then if you want to add a description and more photos, you have to go back and edit the listing. I just listed some stamps on LetGo and added several photos because there are hundreds in different countries and when I viewed the listing there was only the first photo I uploaded and none others. Where did they go? They LetGo my photos. You can add like eight or so photos normally. The app has bugs and the site is clunky and slow. They have an image recognition that doesn’t work very well also.

So the verdict is difficult. OfferUp is much easier to use but I still list with LetGo for the simple fact that I get a lot of attention and messages.