InboxDollars and GrabPoints

There are many websites and apps you can use that has a system where you can take surveys, watch promo videos, download apps and answer paid emails and get paid for doing it. In this post I am only going to talk about two of them. I have used both of these so I can give you a more accurate evaluation of both.

Can you really make money taking surveys or watching videos? Yes. But don’t think that you will pay the bills doing it. The amount of money you make for doing anything in the applications is just a few cents but it does add up.


InboxDollars pays you in cash for surveys, paid emails, watching videos, playing games and even referring other people. When you go to the site or download the app, you are given a few thing on your to do list which isn’t much. Once you have completed these things they give you $5.00 off the rip! They also have a scratch off ticket that after you complete a few surveys or whatever, you can build up to scratch off a ticket that will give you more cash and if you are lucky, it can be a big winner. Click Here to claim your $5!


GrabPoints acts in the same way except they give you points that you can redeem for gift cards, Point values vary but it really comes out to about a dollar for each 1000 points you accumulate. One thing I like about GrabPoints over InboxDollars is that if you start to take a survey, there is an assessment to see if you qualify to take the survey and if you get so far and find you are not qualified to continue the survey, you will still earn points. So say that a survey pays you 300 points to fully complete the survey and you get a couple of minutes into it and they decide that you do not qualify to complete it, GrabPoints will still give you points so you can still get, say, 115 points for your time.

If you find yourself with a bunch of free time and not worried about agendas like paying the bills or rent or whatever, then these are excellent ways to pass the time and make a little money along with it. All day long you can complete surveys, watch promotional videos, play games, install apps, complete offers, answer paid emails and more.

Over all though, I would rather make the money and InboxDollars pays!

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