About GoReview

GoReview is a review blog. The general theme of this review blog is about ways of making money. The majority of the reviews have to do with products services and websites pertaining to how you can make money from home.

You may ask then, why are there reviews on movies and things that aren’t related to making money? For one thing, the posts on this site are trending so they are on subjects that people are looking for. This draws attention from the masses and causes people for come to see what’s new. This also should tip you that if I wrote a blog on this then you may want to put some attention to this as well if you have your own blog.

In other words if I posted a blog on a subject and you have a blog that’s niche is related to the subject then this is something you should add because it is trending. Also this is something added to give the site a little more than just making money ideas. I may be focused on making money but I may also be interested in the latest movies as well. I do have a life outside of work. Also a little variety is good.

So GoReview is geared more for making money and the products and services have to do with what is trending at the time of the post.